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  The World's Best Learning Design Conference
              It's where learning design takes centre stage! 

              Registration Open - 8:15am
              From the Chair - 9:00am

9:10am - International Guest Keynote Speaker
Bio Tom Kuhlmann, Author "The Insiders Guide To Becoming A Rapid E-Learning Pro" 

Presenting: Facing 21st Century Instructional Design Challenges
Technology is changing the way we teach. What do we need to know and how do we keep up?

 • Understand how technology has changed the way courses are designed
  Look for opportunities to craft great learning experiences

9:50am - Headliner 1
Bio Brenda Smith, Senior Learning Professional Development Designer, Medibank Health Solutions

Presenting: Evolving F2F Training for the Virtual Landscape
Medibank Health Solution’s conversion of an existing After Hours GP F2F induction to entirely virtual.

 • Making virtual training something more than just an ‘online’ F2F version
 Different engagement techniques for virtual classrooms.

10:10am - Headliner 2
Bio Mark Parry, Lead Instructional Designer, Founder, Parryville Media
Presenting: Drama & Documentary: Designing and Developing Video for Learning
The broader purpose and context when designing and developing video for different learning audiences.

 Describe a range of creative approaches used when developing video resources for learning
 • Link a range of competencies and learning outcomes to instructional video resources.

10:30am - Network Refreshment Break
11:00am - Headliner 3
Bio Minh Nguyen, Chief Graphic Designer, DEEWR

Presenting: Using Graphic Design to Enhance Learner Experience
Developing and creating the graphics, animations and interactions which have been instrumental to a number of major departmental projects that have won eLearning awards.

 • How clean design can lead to effective learning
  Using graphic design to enhance instructional design.

11:20am - Headliner 4
Bio David Anderson, Community Manager, Articulate
Presenting: Interactive Video Made Easy with Articulate Storyline
Articulate Storyline makes it super easy to add video to your courses. In this session, you’ll learn simple ways you can use video to engage learners and kick up the interactivity in your projects. Who said video was just passive entertainment? 

 • Understand how to work with video in Articulate Storyline
 • Learn to build video quizzes and interactions
Create branching video scenarios
11:40am - Headliner 5
Bio Anne Bartlett-Bragg, Managing Director, Ripple Effect Group

Presenting: User Generated Content for Learning
In the current connected workplace, enterprise social networks are creating a new information landscape where the quantities of content and resources can be overwhelming. In this situation, not only the nature of learning is changing, but also the nature of how work gets done. So, how does a learning designer leverage this situation to remain relevant and involved? 

 • Create meaningful learning from user-generated content 
 • L
everage expertise within the organisation to extend existing learning programs.
12:00pm - Headliner 6
Bio Ruth McElhone, Learning Director, B Online Learning

Presenting: Personalising Learning through Conditional Interactivity
Exploreing how conditional interactivity allows for gamification techniques to be used in eLearning.

  How to use variables to create conditional interactivity
  How to challenge the learner and create a more personalised learning experience.
12:20pm - Network Lunch Break  
1:10pm - eLearning Design Panel - Technology and Learning Design in the Real World
Panel Moderator
Bio Anne Bartlett-Bragg, Chief Learning Strategist, Ripple Effect Group
The value of learning is progressively measured by its real world impact in the workplace. Today’s employees are expected to understand how technologies apply in the real world and to drive their own learning.  Learning designers face many challenges with the need for relevant information and resources immediately accessible through technology. This interactive panel and audience discourse will consider the challenges facing eLearning design and the further development of eLearning solutions for continued workforce performance.
Bio Lisa Munro
Lead Instructional Designer
Aussie Home Loans

Bio Ray Joeh
National Learning Design Manager
John Holland Group

Bio Gareth George
Manager Learning & Performance
American Express

Bio Nathalie Nuijens
Learning Content Manager
GRC Solutions

2:00pm - Power Hour ID                                                      
Bio Tony Nye, L&D Consultant/Design, Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Presenting: A No Frills Approach to a Killer Video Shoot
Shoot and edit video clips for manual processes in the workplace. Discover and achieve this in a
cost effective manner.

 • How to film a manual process or task
 • How to edit clips and insert them into eLearning modules.

Bio Anouk Janssens Bevernage, Director/eWorkshop Design Expert, DynaMind Learning

Presenting: Designing Exciting Teamwork for Online Workshops
Designing online team tasks that engage and captivate e-learners is a great instructional design challenge.

 Appreciate collaborative problem-based e-learning as an attractive and effective alternative to packaged
   e-learning for professional development
 Explore instructional design tips to ensure online team activities work.

Bio Blair Rorani, Learning Experience Designer, Ever Learning

Presenting: How to Draw a Ninja - Designing Better Job Aids
Applying Visual Communication and Storytelling - Case Study

  How making information visual increases understanding
 • How storytelling adds context to content.

Bio Shane Jeffery, Educational Designer, SWSi

Resources Last
Find out why a ‘resource last’ strategy is important when designing online courses, especially
in competitive marketplaces.

  Scoping and the design process is paramount
  Strategies for staying focused on your goal.

3:00pm - Network Refreshment Break
3:30pm - Closing Keynote Session
Bio Tom Kuhlmann, Author "The Insiders Guide To Becoming A Rapid E-Learning Pro"
How to Become an Industry Pro
With the internet it seems anyone’s a pro. Why not you?

  How to build your online portfolio through community
  Tips & tricks on establishing your expertise.

4:10pm - Conference Concludes

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